May 2013


Dear friends, as the seasons change, the reach of the Congar Institute becomes clear. Based in Texas, we experience a relatively early spring. But the mission calls us to other parts of the country where spring is more reluctant to step forward. We leave a place where everything is green and the bluebonnets have already turned fields blue to arrive in places where there is still snow on the ground–even freshly fallen–and trees are still bare. No matter. It is our mission to go where we are called, to share resources that are abundant in one part of the church to those places where such resources are spare and hard to come by. The blessing is that it allows us to experience spring over and over again. As the Easter Season gives way to Pentecost, this is our season, the season of the church for which all we baptized are co-responsible, the anointed ones, called by Christ in the power of the Spirit to proclaim with Christ a year acceptable to the Lord. We must all prepare well for this task! At the Congar Institute, we are privileged to help the church to do just that. Thank you for your interest in what we do and for supporting us in this work.


In His Holy Spirit,

fr. Wayne.

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