Facilitating Good Foundations for the New Evangelization

The second session of the class “Pastoral Principles for Hispanic Ministry” was recently conducted for the students of the Emmaus Lay Ecclesial Ministry Formation Program in the Diocese of Salt Lake City.  The presenter for the class was our very own Assistant Director for Hispanic Programs Alejandro Siller-González.  He shared a few comments with us on his experience:  “What struck my attention during my presentation was the simplicity and humility of the participants. They recognized themselves as people in need to learn more in order to be able to integrate responsibly in parish leadership. In addition, their flexibility to adapt themselves to a smaller meeting room than usual, spoke to me about their focus on the ‘essential’ things such as learning, and the discomforts of a smaller meeting room became something ‘accidental’ that is tolerated and to which you adapt. The Church in Salt Lake City has ‘good foundations’ for the New Evangelization with the Emmaus participants.” Click here to view pictures of the event.

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