Lay Preaching



“Preaching” was the topic of a class given recently in the Diocese of Salt Lake City.  This class is part of the Lay Ecclesial Ministry Formation Program currently in progress in the Diocese.  The students had the opportunity to learn about principles of lay preaching, practical advice to speak in public, homiletic basics and elements of a public reflection on the Gospel done by a lay person.  The class was facilitated by Fr. Thomas Condon who commented: “We had a full, lively day focused on preaching the Word of God.  Everyone has a role to play in this critical ministry:  clergy, religious, and lay.  We discussed the recent documents of the Church, including the 2012 document from the US Bishops ‘Preaching the Mysteries of Faith.’  The participants were attentive, engaging, asked good questions, and made good comments. I commend the Diocese on their commitment to forming their Lay Ecclesial Ministers.  I also commend the ministers on their commitment.  Many had to travel a long distance to attend the session.”

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