ACTS Missions and the Congar Institute


At the Congar Institute, we are always looking for new ways to draw upon and harmonize the charism and mission of different ecclesial institutions in order to confirm, support, and augment existing pastoral programs. This was the reason of our recent meeting with executives from ACTS Missions, Jay Vela, Executive Director and Tom Peterson, Director of Outreach. (Click here to learn more about ACTS Missions)

It was very encouraging to listen to them describe how ACTS Missions is actively searching for ways to make sure the seed that the ACTS retreats plant in the communities gets fostered by the local leaders. They currently partner with several religious organizations in an effort to provide parishes and dioceses with contacts and resources to foster the participants’ ‘walk of faith’ after an ACTS retreat. We identified that there is great potential for collaboration between ACTS Missions and the Congar Institute; a collaboration that would be beneficial for carrying out our mutual mission of evangelizing the people of God. Our mission to assist dioceses with their lay leadership formation programs might be of interest to some of the dioceses where ACTS Missions is present. We will continue in conversation with our friends from ACTS Missions to discover in what wa
ys we can harmonize our work so that, together, we can better serve the People of God.



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