Salt Lake City Diocesan Pastoral Congress: The New Evangelization 2

BolinskiLindaMarie2The snow-capped Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains surrounding Salt Lake City set the backdrop for the gathering of the 600+ catechists and lay ministers from around the diocese who assembled at the Skaggs Catholic Center to reflect on ‘The New Evangelization.’  The day began with Morning Prayer led by Bishop Wester, followed by general sessions in English and Spanish, by breakout workshops, and by the celebration of Mass. The ‘energy’ was high, and it was apparent that commitment to the Church and to the work of evangelization was a priority. I was particularly impressed, considering the distances many of them had to drive, by the number of lay ecclesial ministers who arrived by 7:00 A.M. for my first session. Susan Northway, the director of the Office of Religious Education, had assured me that they would come … and, as usual, she was right!

                I was personally delighted to meet, once again, some of the catechists from St. George Parish where the Congar Institute had sponsored a workshop last October. Their enthusiasm for the passing on of the faith continues to shine on their faces.

                Perhaps there is a special grace given to those who are a minority, but in the Salt Lake City diocese, the heart of an area known for its Mormon heritage and influence, the Catholic community presents a vibrant and dynamic force proclaiming the gospel.”

Sr. Linda Bolinski, SS.C.M., facilitated three workshops on Religious Education at the Pastoral Congress on September 28, 2013 for the Diocese of Salt Lake City.

2 thoughts on “Salt Lake City Diocesan Pastoral Congress: The New Evangelization

  1. Reply Denise Richards Oct 30,2013 7:53 pm

    Sr. Bolinski, what I come away with in hearing your presentations both in St. George and at 7AM!! at Congress, is your graceful authenticity. Thank you for all the preparation on our behalf.

    Denise Richards
    Cedar City, Ut

  2. Reply Sr. M. Thomas More, SS.C.M. Oct 30,2013 8:46 pm

    What a pleasure to open the Congar Institute newsletter and see Sr. Linda Marie’s article! May God continue to bless the wrk of the Institute.

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