Formation through Collaboration

Jose David Padilla

Our mission at the Congar Institute is to promote excellent formation that will prepare lay leaders to serve the church competently.  We do this in different ways that are based on the principle of collaboration.  In December, we had the opportunity to assist the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, with their Lay Ministry Formation Program in Spanish by providing a Resource Person, Fr. Jose David Padilla, O.P., to present a class on “Introduction to Theology.”  Raul Velasquez, the Diocesan Director of Hispanic Ministry, commented:  “I want to congratulate [the Institute] for having great people serving into the faith formation for God’s people and also for your contribution with our mission to form better lay ministers for the Church. We are completely satisfied with the service we got from Congar Institute; we feel that we were in good hands to solve our needs.”

 “We think this presentation responded to our group and program needs; it is unusual to find good presenters, especially with doctorate level and being so close to people teaching in their language and level.  All participants were satisfied with the presenter’s style and method. They felt empowered to look for ways to improve and grow in their faith.

“We were impressed with Fr. Jose David Padilla, OP, although being so high level teacher, he had the gift to teach in a simple language level that all participants from our program were amazed with his kindness and wisdom.  Thank you for sharing with us your resources and for having the opportunity to practice what it is Pastoral de Conjunto for our Church. We feel blessed to have such opportunity to know people who bring new ways to live and understand faith.”

Fr. Padilla was equally pleased with the experience of teaching theology to the Hispanic lay leaders of the Archdiocese of Portland.  He commented: “How wonderful it is to be a participant of an event that desires not only to help the Hispanic Leaders of the Archdioceses of Portland in their pastoral needs but also to give them a solid biblical and theological formation that will strengthen them on a strong foundation upon which they will build their spiritual and pastoral life.”


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