“Purpose and Goals of a Parish Pastoral Council”. Presentation for the Parish of Christ the King in the Archdiocese of San Antonio, October 30, 2013

christ the king

Good news from the Parish of Christ the King in the Archdiocese of San Antonio!

They recently formed a new Parish Pastoral Council led by their pastor Fr. Mike Horan. The members are all lay persons that represent the diversity of their parish community and are committed to serve in this ministry.

I was asked by the Pastor and the Pastoral associate to do a workshop presentation to the council members about the importance of this council’s mission and on how to have meetings that are prayerful and spiritual. At our Institute we received this invitation as an opportunity to serve the parish and our Archdiocese.

I started my presentation by talking about the purpose of a Parish, to develop a community always centered in Jesus Christ and His teachings in the Gospels and to create a space for worship that fosters an on-going personal and communal encounter with Jesus to become disciples. The community’s mission is to evangelize and to grow in awareness that Jesus is truly present among its members, and this is Good News!

The Pastoral Council assists the Pastor in the mission of the parish and in a communal manner becomes an expression of the parish community in prayer, in faith growth, and in growth of love to one another as Jesus loves them. The pastoral council listens to the call of the Spirit  in the parish community and “walks” with its members to respond to that call. The council evangelizes through deed and word, and this is Good News!

Rosie Abreu Pastoral Associate of the parish shared with us her thoughts about the workshop experience:

“Our Pastoral members were very excited about the information you shared with them.  The exchange made them very excited about their positions on the council; they are looking forward to serving this parish through their prayers, loving guidance, and spiritual endeavors.    Thank you very much for your ministry to this parish and all others”.  

This is truly Good News for us at the Congar Institute!

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