“Raíces y Alas” first Steering Committee meeting in Baltimore November 11, 2013

Raices y Alas

The Congar Institute has been invited to represent FIP (Federación de Institutos Pastorales) in the Steering Committee for the planning and organizing of the V National Pastoral Hispanic conference of “Raíces y Alas” that was started by NCCHM (National Catholic Council for Hispanic Ministry) in 1992 and that takes place every four years. For the first time, other national Hispanic ministry organizations will participate together with NCCHM, to plan and organize this conference. The conference will take place in San Antonio, Texas from October 30 to November 2, 2014. We will have more information in our next edition of this Newsletter.

Our first Steering Committee planning meeting took place in Baltimore on November 11, 2013 (click here to see pictures of the event ).We agreed that the purpose of this conference will be to redefine and connect the Hispanic/Latino Pastoral Ministry to a process of evangelization and building of community and mission. This process will connect with our cultural and ethnic roots and the prior three National Encuentros and move our embrace of other cultural and ethnic groups further. We want a diverse community in unity within the Church.

For this first steering committee meeting we had the presence of representatives of four Hispanic national organizations: FIP, NCCHM NACDDHM (National Association of Catholic Diocesan Directors of Hispanic Ministry) and La RED (National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana), as well as a representative of  the Secretariat of Diversity of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops. We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding us to a fraternal dialogue and to renew our response to our baptismal call to serve the Church in evangelization, and in building community and mission. We lived out the reminder from Pope Benedict XVI and from our Pope Francis, that all baptized lay and ordained are co-responsible in the mission of the Church.

We ask the readers of this Newsletter for your prayers, that we may be faithful to let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit in the planning and organizing of the V National Pastoral Hispanic Conference of ”Raíces y Alas.”

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