A Day of Reflection and Recollection

A day of reflection“Once again, the community of Salt Lake City continues to shine in its commitment to Christ and the Church. Regardless of the weather, distance, and time, the lay ecclesial ministers are always open to participate, learn, and contribute in their formation. This has been one of my most fulfilling experiences in my relationship with the Lay Ecclesial Ministers in Salt Lake City. The spirit of the ministers is one of openness, kindness, and willingness. They reflect the spirit and service of their Director, Mrs. Susan Northway. I can’t say enough of how much I learned from her humility, gentleness, hospitality, and organization. I would love to go back to work with the Salt Lake City  Diocese, for I always come back renewed and re-energized in my commitment to the Evangelizing Mission of the Church.  What a blessing, thank-you!”

Comments from Dr. Antonio Ramirez de León, one of our expert Resource Persons, who recently facilitated a day of spiritual reflection and recollection for the participants of the Lay Ecclesial Ministry Formation Program in the Diocese of Salt Lake City.  Click here to view pictures of the day.

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