Black Theology Today

Alejandro Siller-Gonzalez, Assistant Director for Hispanic Programs, attended a lecture on “Black Theology Today” by Dr. Dwight Hopkins on January 11, 2014.  This lecture was hosted by Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas, and the Sankofa Institute for African American Pastoral Leadership. Alejandro shared with us some of his personal reflections on the different topics that were discussed in the lecture.  All these are relevant to the work we do at the Congar Institute:

  • The parallel process of Black Liberation Theology and the Latin-American, although historically speaking, the Black Theology process started much earlier and was born out of  the social base.
  • To know what God wants from us today we need to read  the “signs of the people”, especially the poor.
  • The pastoral emphasis in their Theology.
  • Theology should not be imposed on the “peoples’ religion”
  • The foundation of their Theology is from Africa.
  • Global Theology is needed.

This participation is part of the effort to find new collaborative ways in which the Congar Institute can assist Oblate School of Theology and the Sankofa Institute in their goal to augment the efforts of local churches to develop lay leadership prepared to assist the church in its outreach to Black Catholics.

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