Pope Francis recently said, “The Church is fruitful and a mother when she witnesses to Jesus Christ. Instead , when the church closes in on itself , when it thinks of itself as a – so to speak – ‘school of religion’ … but does not give witness, it becomes sterile. The Christian is the same. The Christian who does not bear witness, is sterile, without giving the life he has received from Jesus Christ”. (May 6, 2014 Vatican Radio)


This excerpt from Pope Francis’ homily inspires us at the Congar Institute in our mission to pastoral ministry formation. We teach the doctrine of our faith and the Tradition of our Church, but most of all, we work to inspire our formation program participants to be disciples of Jesus at every moment of their lives. And to be a disciple means to be witnesses with our lives in order to bear fruit and not become sterile.

The articles and the good news bear witness of our participants and facilitators’ lives in Jesus.  Enjoy this Newsletter and be inspired by the Good News we share!

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