Bishop John C. Wester Endorses Congar Institute

Bishop Interview

On Friday, August 8, 2014, Bishop John C. Wester of the Diocese of Salt Lake City gave an interview to endorse the Congar Institute for Ministry Development. In the interview, Bishop Wester talked about the support the Congar Institute has provided and about the results that have emerged from the partnership between Congar Institute and the Diocese of Salt Lake City.

He said that the Congar Institute has been a great help in meeting the needs of the community and the diocese. During the interview Bishop Wester stated that the Institute “Gives us the tools, and the ability, and the experience, and the staff that help us to educate, to catechize, to form and to allow our people to grow in the Spirit and to grow as leaders themselves and taking roles of responsibility in a Catholic Diocese.”

Bishop Wester commented on how the Congar Institute has been a great support to the priests in the Diocese, “I have heard our priests tell me how much they appreciate the Institute and how it’s really had an impact in the vitality of their parishes and how our association with the Congar Institute has really been a great boom for us.”

In the interview he details how the Institute has also provided support for the Diocese of Salt Lake City in the areas of pastoral outreach, diocesan planning and continuing education.  Bishop Wester expressed sincere joy and gratitude for this fruitful collaboration.

At the Congar Institute, we are blessed to be working with such a great diocese and such a humble and capable leader as Bishop John C. Wester. 

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