Lay Ecclesial Ministers in the Diocese of Salt Lake City are Authorized!

On August 9, 2014, we joyfully celebrated the authorization of 85 Lay Ecclesial Ministers in the Diocese of Salt Lake City.  This commissioning represents a milestone for the Congar Institute. Not only have we worked with the Diocese to assist two cohorts to complete the English language program in collaboration with University of Notre Dame’s STEP.  We have also seen a program that we helped a diocese construct from the ground up reach its completion with the first cohort of the Spanish language program known as Emaús being commissioned for service by the Bishop. This joint program was made possible by the generous assistance of Catholic Extension. Through the Congar Institute, men and women religious and lay women and men have worked together to share their expertise with the lay pastoral leaders in Utah. Both formation efforts represent our commitment to work in collaboration to assist under-served dioceses to develop excellence in formation for ministry.  Click here to see pictures of this event. 

Lay Ecclesial M

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