Total Success of the Gala Congar 2014!


The Congar Institute wants to say thank you for your support of the Gala Congar 2014 and of the Congar Institute’s mission to develop Catholic lay leadership for the Church.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the tremendous efforts of the Friends of the Congar Institute, the Gala Congar 2014 raised $22,000. With your help, we are able to reach both, the lay leaders who loyally want to serve their Church and the dioceses that so desperately need the help of committed and knowledgeable lay leaders.

We cannot express how grateful we are to everyone who has supported our cause in one way or another. You have made it possible for us to touch the lives of more lay leaders in various communities around the country and equip them to serve the Lord and his Church.

God bless you and, again, THANK YOU!

Click here to view pictures of the Gala Congar 2014.  

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