Charting Our Course

logo-259x55For the last few months the Congar Institute has been assisting with the pastoral planning process for the Diocese of Salt Lake City.  Phase I of the process to create a pastoral plan for the diocese is now complete. The plan, Charting Our Course/Navegando Nuestra Ruta, will establish the priorities, goals, and objectives for the diocese through the next 5 years, according to Bishop John Wester. In his video announcement of the plan, Bishop Wester emphasized that participation and prayerful support by Catholics throughout the Diocese is vital for the ultimate success of the plan. Phase I saw the thoughtful and enthusiastic participation of a great number of people everywhere in the Diocese.

Phase I involved gathering information. We are now in Phase II, organizing this data and analyzing it. This Phase also involves verification of the analysis by various groups in the Diocese. We project Phase II will be completed by April. In Phase III, the Steering Committee enters a more reflective attitude of prayerful discernment when we consider the facts before us in relation to our vision of where God is calling us to be in the next five years. The final step, Phase IV, involves drafting the plan to indicate how we will get from where we are now to where God is calling us to be over the next five years. Bishop Wester expects to promulgate the plan in the Fall of 2015.

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